WATCH: David Tennant Reads Out Scotland’s V. Mean Donald Trump Tweets

When Donald Trump arrived in Scotland last week mere hours after the Brexit vote was counted in favour of ‘leave’, he tweeted his support of the Scottish people and was promptly + rightly dragged for it.

Scotland, of course, predominantly voted to remain in the European Union, and now that they’ve been dragged out of the EU against their will, may very well decide to sever ties with England altogether.

The Scot were not kind to Trump. In fact, they savaged his dolt-headed tweet with pure, poetical fire.


Beloved Scot and former Time Lord David Tennant popped up on Full Frontal with Samantha Bee to read out some of these absolute masterpieces, and it is nothing short of wonderful. Enjoy.

Source: YouTube.

Photo: Samantha Bee.