Political analysts in 2016 have had roughly the same accuracy as particularly short-sighted tea leaf readers. Disregarding a slew of supposedly accurate polls – and, hell, even common sense – the isolationist dark horses of right-wing politics have surmounted challenge after challenge to emerge victorious. 

Today, the most glaringly obvious example of this phenomenon is the landmark Brexit vote. The UK has officially decided to wrench itself away from the European Union in one of the most stunning political upsets of recent history. Seriously. It is absolutely wild. 

Still, if there is one anti-immigration crusader on planet Earth who could possibly nick some of the vitriolic limelight away from the UK’s own conservative pollies, it’s Donald Trump. Just over an hour after Prime Minister David Cameron vowed to step down, the presumptive Republican nominee for President of the United States touched down in Scotland. 

You couldn’t make this up. 

You’d be forgiven for assuming he’s there specifically to stick his neck into the UK’s political process, but he’s actually there to attend to the ~ vry srs bsns ~ of re-opening his newly renovated golf resort. As all presidential front-runners do in the lead-up to their primary campaigns, naturally. 

That being said… you better bloody believe he had some words on the entire ordeal, and they’re exactly what you’d expect to hear:

“I think it’s a great thing. No, it’s going to be great. I think it’s a fantastic thing.”

For what it’s worth, Scotland as a whole absolutely did not want to leave the EU, and there is already rampant speculation the move could trigger another push for full independence from the UK. At this point… guys, girls, it’s 2016, don’t rule anything out. 

Bloody hell. The mind boggles at his thoughts on Hadrian’s Wall.

Source: BBC.
Photo: Jeff J Mitchell / Getty.