Tom Gleeson has had a pretty good run on Hard Chat, The Weekly’s gladiatorial interview segment, ’cause the only real opponent he’s ever faced was Sophie Monk. (Seriously.)

That changed last night, when old mate Briggs took the host’s chair for the very first edition of Black Chat. 

The multi-talented bloke has been a key player on The Weekly with a string of ludicrously funny bits hingeing on Indigenous Australia, but good god: Black Chat is something else. 

We’ll spare you the punchlines here; all you need to know going in is that even Gleeson’s Volvo found itself at the centre of a pretty hefty dig.

As we said, this definitely isn’t the first time Briggs has crafted some weapons-grade funny from modern Indigenous issues for The Weekly, and we’re still thinking about his mock Labor ad to this day.

And the fact that it was Gleeson himself copped a roast? Molto. Bene.

Source and photo: The Weekly / YouTube.