WATCH: Tom Gleeson Going James Blunt On ‘Hard Chat’ Was Simply Beautiful

James Blunt is a man who has seemingly done the impossible: wrote a wildly popular, truly awful song and somehow managed to retain his dignity.
Since getting what I assume is roughly a trillion pounds in royalties, his full-time occupation now seems to be either brutally owning himself or brutally owning other people on Twitter, which he does with a stunning level of skill:

You’d think, given his ability to take the piss out of himself, he’d be a perfect candidate for ‘Hard Chat‘. Well, guess what: he absolutely was.
While Sophie Monk managed to make Tom Gleeson lose his shit, I think Blunt might have actually made Tom straight up fall in love with him.
As the show’s format dictates, the gloves were off:
GLEESON: Now, you’re really good at writing great comebacks on Twitter – wouldn’t it be easier to write great songs?

BLUNT: Oh shit, I never thought of that.

GLEESON: Yeah ’cause if you just wrote great songs you wouldn’t have to ping away at people. Like, Paul McCartney‘s not constantly in a Twitter feud with anyone

BLUNT: But those guys are still looking for the big hit. I’ve had the big hit, so i can concentrate on other things.
And, yes, in case you were wondering, they did talk about ISIS:
GLEESON: You were a captain in the British army; is there a James Blunt equivalent in ISIS?

BLUNT: No, but I am really hopeful ISIS are going to claim responsibility for my music. They seem to claim responsibility for everything else, don’t they?

GLEESON: Every other terror attack.

BLUNT: Exactly.
This is a genuinely delightful exchange, which should be a lovely surprise to anyone who has listened to Blunt’s music before:

Source and photo: The Weekly.