WATCH: Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller Fire Off Into Jobland For ‘Get A Job’

One of the absolutely universal experiences young people in developed nations face is the awful, transitionary, “what now?” phase – the awkward period between stepping out of school for the last time and beginning some sort of career.

And with youth unemployment particularly high, and all potential employers seeking people with experience but very few offering the chance to obtain it, the job hunting process can become a pretty dehumanising experience laced with self-doubt, lowered self-worth, a total lack of understanding from older generations, and the constant and seemingly unending nightmare that is navigating the Centrelink process.
‘Course there’s also mild benefits to it like utilising your innate ability to turn $20 in to a few day’s worth of Mi Goreng and goon, or having enough free time to finely tune your Mario Kart 64 skills (because landing that hellish shortcut on Rainbow Road is as vital a life-skill as breathing and should be taught from birth).
With all that said, here’s the trailer for Get A Job, which is finally getting released after spending four years in distribution hell.
Shot back in 2012 by the supremely talented but extremely sporadic director Dylan Kidd, the film is packed to the freaking gills with an A+ cast that includes the likes of Anna Kendrick, Miles Teller, Bryan Cranston, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, John Cho, Alison Brie, John C. McGinley, Marcia Gay Harden, Jay Pharoah, Jorge Garcia, and Nicholas Braun.
Seriously. We weren’t kidding. That shit is stacked.
The trailer follows Teller and Kendrick as a couple navigating the youth job market, and for those of you intimately aware with that process, there’s definitely some close-to-home hits to be had.

The film cops a limited and VOD release from March 25th.
Source: Uproxx.