Watch Angelina Jolie’s New ‘Unbroken’ Trailer, Traverse Your Entire Emotional Spectrum

Just when you thought it was safe to only feel elation today at the prospect of the upcoming weekend, Universal have this morning dropped the first full-length trailer for Angelina Jolie’s sophomore directorial effort, Unbroken, and it’s going to make you feel EVERYTHING. 
Shot all over NSW over the course of last summer, Unbroken details the incredible true story of 1936 Olympian turned WWII bombardier turned prisoner of war, Louis Zamperini, who last week died of pneumonia aged 97. Zamperini and his two crewmates floated in a life raft for 47 days in shark infested waters, drifting some 3,200 kilometres before they were eventually captured by the Japanese navy and interned in a prison camp where Zamperini was subject to the whims of a sadistic officer. 
Having been in development for over fifty years and with a screenplay co-written by The Coen Brothers adapted from Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience and Redemption by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken looks every bit the beautifully-shot [by Roger Deakins], soaring and ultimately triumphant Oscar fodder that you’d naturally come to expect of a movie with these A-list credentials and a Christmas Day premiere.
Starring SkinsJack O’Connell as Zamperini, Garrett Hedlund, Domnhall Gleeson and Australia’s Jai Courtney and Alex Russell, you can expect to see Unbroken everywhere in Australia on January 8th, 2015.