Another day, another dollar. Another year, another awards ceremony. Pedestrian’s teamed up with Intel to once again highlight the sublime talent of Australia’s blogosphere. The competition this year is on a whole new level – pitting the best-of-the best against each other. With the help of Intel, we’re curating content that’ll explore all things blogging. This will include things like tips on how to create your own platform, and how to deal with the h8rs. Get keen, y’all. It’s set to be, like, the best year yet (here’s hoping).

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Since finding some measure of success on the internet ourselves, we have attempted to redress what we saw as a serious lack of pats on backs for Australia’s best content creators. This year’s Blogster Awards: Presented by Intel 2 in 1s features 33 of our country’s most skilled digital businesspeople and all round ~nice humans~.

We recently had a sit down with a group of the aforementioned beings to get a feel for them and their digital footprint. Watch above as we with our dear chums Jordan Shanks [Friendlyjordies], Madison, Shaye-Lee, Lana [Sketchshe], Jessica Sepel [JSHealth], Guy Turland [Bondi Harvest], Eleanor Pendleton [Gritty Pretty], Andy Allen [The Curious Chef], Andrew ‘Ubbs’ Cotman, Dave ‘Wow’ Ross [Stoney Roads], Matt Beeche [Startup Daily] and Sara Donaldson [Harper and Harley].

Meet the IRLs behind your favourite URLs.

WATCH: Andy Allen, Friendlyjordies, SketchShe & Co. On Digital Domination