Life Without Andy Snapped The A-List Of Digital At The Blogsters Awards

Another day, another dollar. Another year, another awards ceremony. Pedestrian teamed up with Intel to once again highlight the sublime talent of Australia’s blogosphere. The competition this year was on a whole new level – pitting the best-of-the best against each other. With the help of Intel, we curated content that explored all things blogging. It included things like tips on how to create your own platform, and how to deal with the h8rs. Last night, it all came to a head and the winners were crowned. Scroll on through for all the pics from the night.

*everyone was beautiful and nothing hurt*
But really, last night’s Blogster Awards were a classy and painless affair, filled with good-looking, talented people and delicious food + booze. There were water views, bangerz, Lee Lin Chin and more social influencers that you could swing a cat at. We were all winners, and have the hangovers today to prove it. 
Images via Life Without Andy