WATCH: Australia’s Current Top Bloggers Come Face-To-Screen With Their Haters

Another day, another dollar. Another year, another awards ceremony. Pedestrian’s teamed up with Intel to once again highlight the sublime talent of Australia’s blogosphere. The competition this year is on a whole new level – pitting the best-of-the best against each other. With the help of Intel, we’re curating content that’ll explore all things blogging. This will include things like tips on how to create your own platform, and how to deal with the h8rs. Get keen, y’all. It’s set to be, like, the best year yet (here’s hoping).

If someone ‘hates on you’ throughout the course of your day, they’re just a piece of shit – if they do it online specifically, they’re a ‘hater‘. 

The boundaries of ‘verbal abuse‘ seemingly end just before keyboards start doing the talking. Offensive comments have now become an accepted part in the process of publishing your thoughts digitally. 

People who know what this like better than most, are those who make a living out of blogging; i.e. this year’s Blogster Awards: Presented by Intel 2 in 1s nominees. Watch up top as they come face-to-screen with their serial pests.