WATCH: Amy Schumer & Anna Wintour Swap Jobs And Only One Can Survive

Let’s be honest – we all have that one friend that we struggle to listen to when they complain about work, because their job sounds… well… kind of easy. I KNOW, it makes you feel terrible but it’s true, no?

This exact nightmare happened to Amy Schumer and Anna Wintour: being a stand-up comedian sounded pretty easy to Anna, and being a scary fashion magazine editor sounded easy to Amy. 
So, they swapped jobs in a video made by Vogue as a comedic extra for Schumer’s first cover with the iconic mag. Real ‘Freaky Friday’ styles. 
Schumer seems flummoxed by a basil leaf and two nearly-identical Chanel shirts, while Wintour takes to stand-up like a duck to water.
Watch below: 
Only one may win this game… and Wintour is coming. 

Source: Vogue