Australia’s Pissed At Rachael For Saying Science Bachie Isn’t Hot & Frankly So Am I

I understand that looks are subjective and one person’s trash is another person’s treasure but if you think the new Bachelor, Matt Agnew is unattractive, there is something seriously wrong with you.

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The first ep of 2019’s The Bachelor Australia premiered on Ten last night and we were introduced to the 28 gals vying for the astrophysicists heart.

Now, we like to think that Bachie contestants sign up for the series with pure intentions and they’re in for the sake of finding a sweet, handsome, wholesome guy to take home but sadly, the devil is always at work and The Bachelor is his playground so therefore a great majority of the girls will be in it for the future teeth whitening endorsements they’ll have thrust open them.

While it’s often difficult to decipher at first which gals are there for the right reasons and which aren’t, one contestant made her objectives pretty clear last night by announcing that she wasn’t attracted to the new Bachelor.

What, so handsome, sweet, funny, intelligent aren’t qualities you favour in a man?

The contestant in question is a girl named Rachael Arahill who rocked up to the rose ceremony wearing a wedding dress which answers my initial proposition that there must be something a bit off with her.

During the ep, Arahill said that she doesn’t find the Bachie “hot” which drew a mixed response from her co-stars as well as Australia who were v. vocal about their upset on social media.