We Chatted To ‘Love Island’ Evictee Vanessa And She Did Not Hold Back About Matt & The Boys

Are you reeling after the latest episode of Love Island Australia? Because SAME. SAME SAME SAME. I cannot believe Maurice AND Vanessa were booted, but particular shock has been reserved for Vanessa, who was slated to be a front-runner since the beginning.

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We chatted to Vanessa right after her eviction – legit, she hadn’t even gotten her phone back or watched any of the episodes that aired. And she did not hold back.

PTV: Everyone kind of ganged-up on you seemingly out of nowhere last week. Were you shocked?

Yeah, I mean it didn’t come out of nowhere. The villa was all calm, and then the twins arrived. Basically, they had it in for me – from the minute they came in, Josh did not say a nice word to me. All the conversations we had were like “oh, don’t you think you play the victim, don’t you think you do this, don’t you think you treat Matt poorly”, and like you’ve been here for two minutes, you have not seen anything, how do you have all these preconceived ideas about me? The boys sort of came in to stir the pot, they got in everyone’s ear, I don’t understand why no one questioned it. They just bought it and didn’t think anything of it. Within a day, all of the islanders were against me.


PTV: How did you feel about Anna & Matt’s friendship? Were you a bit suss on Anna?

I feel like there’s a lot of things she and Matt may have spoken about that I wasn’t aware of, just judging by the last week with the new guys coming in and realising Matt may not have been as open and honest with me. He hid a lot for me, and I question what he was saying to Anna as well. I don’t 100% believe Anna was a girls-girl, because she never relayed anything back to me.

PTV: What’s your opinion of Matt now? 

I do still have feelings for Matt. But he let me down. He wasn’t honest with me. He never had my back. Had he had those conversations and shut them down, I don’t think the rumours would have spread the way they did. But because Matt just sat there and took it without saying “hey, why don’t we have a chat with Vanessa” or “hey, I don’t believe that’s true”, you know it just wouldn’t have happened. And that’s made me question whether Matt had my best interests at heart. He likes to play victim a lot and that’s why he let everything flood.


Who is the biggest snake in the house?

Umm, that’s tough. It’s hard because the twins definitely came in to stir the pot, but in terms of being snakes – Luke was the most honest with me. I have to watch the episodes still to see who spoke behind my back because at this stage, it’s all he-said-she-said. I mean Phoebe was the one who spread one of the biggest rumours about me, something I absolutely never said, and when I confronted her in front of the other Islanders she looked me straight in the eye and said “I have never heard you say that”, but later on I found out she was the one who spread the comment.

Who is playing the game?

I think Josh and Adam are not being 100% their true selves, and if their relationships were on the outside they would not be as faithful as they are. Adam and Cartier work amazing in the villa but I think Adam is playing it VERY safe with Cartier. He knows he has her under the thumb, and that she will do basically anything and so that’s his safe bet in the villa. I don’t think they would work on the outside.

Who do you think is 100% genuine and there for love?

I do believe that all the girls are in there to find love, absolutely, every single one of them. In terms of the guys, the people I thought were genuine I question now, so I’m really unsure about the guys. I really question them. Since Luke and Josh came in, it’s changed my mind about a lot of people.

Are you going to chat to Sam now you’re out of the house?

Yeah, one of the first people I’m going to call is Sam because even if nothing comes from it, even just as friends, he was one of my better friends in the villa and I want to spend more time with him – we really got along well, we just never had that chance to talk because I respected Matt too much.