There Are Whispers Getting About That A Handful Of ‘Bachie’ Blokes Are Paid Actors


G’day and welcome to Mysterious Source Monday, a day in which we entertain ourselves with the latest goss a mysterious, unnamed source has told New Idea, Woman’s Day, the Daily Mail – the list goes on – about The Bachelorette. In today’s edition, whispers are getting about that a handful of The Bachelorette lads are paid actors or aspiring actors.

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Jamie Doran, the firefighter who got very intense very quickly, has attracted a lot of heat for being a bloody weird unit. He’s Jarrod if Jarrod was a caricature of himself – he’s just unbelievable. Anyway, New Weekly has apparently heard whispers that Jamie first worked as a professional actor before switching careers.

“Back in high school, he was obsessed with acting,” the source told New Weekly, adding that a couple of mutual mates ran into him in Sydney last year and Jamie told them he was on his way to an acting class.

I mean, it could absolutely just be a hobby but maybe… just maybe Jamie’s piling it on for the Bachie producers. And please let that be the truth.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is claiming a handful of the lads on The Bachelorette are paid actors. Apparently, frontrunner Carlin Sterritt wiped ‘actor’ from his Instagram bio and binned a Facebook page for his acting career. He still has an active IMDb page though. Carlin has seven acting credits, including an upcoming Australian thriller called Out of the Woods. Carlin stars in the lead role, according to IMDb. I totally get why he scrubbed his profile clean if he didn’t want to get any weird attention for it… but people did find it anyway.

IMDb: Out of the Woods

Fan fave Ciarran Stott still has an active StarNow page, a hub for aspiring models, actors, and musicians. Ciarran doesn’t have any acting experience though so maybe he’s just keen on expanding his horizon while finding love. The DM also claim BMX rider Matt Whyatt‘s a bit suss because he did a campaign with SuperDy co-starring Love Island‘s Shelby Mills. But I don’t know, Matt already had a social media presence before he hopped on The Bachelorette so a campaign with a brand isn’t shocking.

Just, eh.