Australia Has Chosen Their Next Queen And Her Name Is Vanessa Sunshine 

Vanessa Sunshine – the woman we did not deserve on our tellies – is trending on Twitter and that really does say it all.

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Tonight on Bachelor Australia, Romy was infuriating – more infuriating than usual. Not only was she absolutely horrible to and about Sunshine, but she also does not understand physical boundaries as she once again got all up in Nick’s space after deciding to duck into his tent in the middle of the night.

Meanwhile, we all saw a whole other side to our new and revered queen, Ms Sunshine. But despite vibing but not vibing but kind of vibing with the Honey Badger, getting her swag up in record time, killing it on the quad bike, and cooking bloody burgers for the gals, Sunshine did not receive a rose.

She may or may not have been sexually attracted to the Honey Badger but she’s a far better character than Romy/Cat and yet they’re still in the bloody mansion. UGH.

Now since Nick (production) has decided to cut Australia off from our weekly double dose of Vanessa Sunshine, we’ll all just have to wait and see if she’ll be selected for the country’s next round of Bachelor in Paradise – and let’s be real, she probably will be.

To make matter’s worse, none of the women said goodbye to her – you may have had your differences but that was such a shitty dick move. FOR SHAME.

Rightly so, Twitter’s absolutely gutted.


Anyway, next week we’re copping three new intruders and it sort of looks like one of them pulls an absolute tanty and tries to escape the mansion. Peachy.