The World’s Largest Inflatable Unicorn Is A) Terrifying & B) Coming To Australia

inflatable unicorn

If you love yourself an inflatable unicorn (or inflatables in general, to be honest) get bloody excited – the world’s largest, dubbed Unicornzilla – is headed to Australia.

[jwplayer ktxAsSBn]

The thing is BIG. I mean, it is really, really massive. I am quite concerned it’s going to become a sentient being and devour all party-goers whole, but you know – worth the risk IMO.

I am your new inflatable overlord

The events are inspired by Croatia’s Yacht Week, and will be held from January to March in Sydney Harbour. Expect a LOT of inflatables, local DJs, and other fun shit.

this could be us but you tried to eat the pizza inflatable and got kicked out

You’ve gotta book a yacht with your gang to get there – the yachts will float you into the harbour for the parties – and I can almost guaran-fucken-tee they’ll book out in an instant, so what are you waiting for? Alert the group chat and book yours early via their site here.

Just don’t come crying to me when you end up in the bowels of that inflatable unicorn monster, k?