Um Hang On Has IMDB Spoiled The Big Ol’ Cliffhanger From This Week’s GoT?

Anyway, at the very last moment of the latest ep, we see Jaime Lannister, the “fucking idiot” as Tyrion very kindly called him, charging full throttle at Daenerys Targaryen with spear in hand, only to be knocked clean off his horse a bee’s dick away from being incinerated by Drogon‘s dragon fire.

We leave Jamie, and his saviour (very likely Bronn) sinking into the depths of the water just outside of Highgarden. He’s in full armour and has a hand of solid fuckin’ gold, so it’s safe to say he’s probably drowned, right?

IMBD have released the full cast list for the next episode, ‘Eastwatch’ which has already had us shook with the inclusion of Gendry – who probably has biceps bigger than his own head by now – but it also includes Jamie.

Now we know that Game of Thrones is not one to do any kind of flashbacks or anything that would lend itself to having a character that seems dead actually be alive, so does this mean that the Kingslayer has somehow managed to get himself out of his full amour, one handed, at the bottom of a strangely deep lake?

Or does it mean that Daeny used Drogon to scoop him up from the depths of the water to a) save him and b) potentially take him as prisoner?

I’m in a tailspin just trying to figure out exactly what’s happening and how it’s going to happen and I’ve never wished for it to be Monday so much in my entire life.

P.S. It’s also got Jorah Mormont down in the cast, and with his new lease on life after being freed from Greyscale by sweet angel Samwell Tarly, oh God I’m praying he somehow finds his way back to Daenerys. Please let it be true.