Twitter Is Mad Keen To See Captain America Get Hella Gay In The Next Movie

He’s incredibly ripped, he has amazing hair, he has beautiful skin and I’m pretty sure at the end of the first movie he admits he’s never had said with a woman: while those traits alone do not a gay superhero make, if Marvel was going to do a surprise outing of one of their AAA heroes, Captain America would be a pretty good candidate.

People on Twitter have spent a lot of time the last few days fervently tweeting their support for Cap hooking up with a dude, using the very succinct hashtag #GetCaptainAmericaABoyfriend. They’re not fucking around.
Sure, maybe Steve Rogers wasn’t gay in the comics, but also in the first issue Wolverine appeared in it took his healing factor like 3 days to heal a cut and by “Age Of Apocalypse” he could regenerate from being burned down to a skeleton – shit changes, man.
It feels like “it would be super hot” is argument enough, but others have been made and they’re pretty good:

There’s also this incredible video that BBC3 tweeted that re-cuts footage from the Captain America movies into a heartwarming love story between Bucky and Captain America:

Some people were using their hashtag to express their displeasure at the idea but what sort of weirdo doesn’t want to see two super hot, super jacked dudes making out? Boring.

Photo: Twitter.