Twilight Fans Aren’t As Good As Justin Bieber Fans

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner from the Twilight movies have been in Australia for the last few days spruiking the new movie in the series and what a time’s they’ve had. K Stew has of course been up to her usual tricks.

Good times on the speed boat

Image: Splash News via Daily Mail

Having a relaxing lunger at the hotel

Image: Charles Brewer/ Picture Media

Sniffing Richard

Image: Nova FM

Last night they made an appearance at Luna Park in Sydney to do a Q and A with fans, and despite the shitty weather more than 4,000 people greeted the Twilight stars with hysterical screams and tears. Things were far more contained compared to the barbarian rioting provoked by the live appearance of teen idol, Justin Bieber, in April. Bieber’s appearance was canceled because of the danger caused by the surging crowd resulting in the hospitalisation of several fans and the riot squad getting called in.

Bieber fans love Bieber way more than Twilight fans love Twilight. In a showdown between Bieber fans and Twilight fans who would win? Bieber fans are an intense, rage-filled bunch.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens in cinemas June 30, with the fourth instalment Breaking Dawn to start filming later this year.

It’s a slow news day today, people. Sorry.