Kristen Stewart Has Reunited With Her ‘Twilight’ Daughter Renesmee & Oh My

It seems like a distant dream now, but for a few years there Twilight was mentally popular. And it remains wedged in the hearts of its fans to the point that they can still lose their dang minds seeing Kristen Stewart reunited with her onscreen daughter Mackenzie Foy.

Foy, who played weird vampire/human baby Renesmee in the final Twilight movie, was photographed with Stewart at the Chanel Beauty House debut in Los Angeles on Wednesday night.

This is, of course, ample excuse to post the GIF of Renesmee as a baby, which remains one of the worst baby puppets ever conceived for any film, ever:

hello mother

But enough about that. Here are the real goods.

The above tweeters point is obviously true, but it’s also worth remembering that children tend to age quicker than adults. It’s crazy, I know.

Twilight fans – who have also, presumably, aged – promptly lost their shit: