Turns Out Kanye Never Actually Contacted NYC’s Mayor For His Huge 2am Show

Last night, New York City got thrown into an flurry of panic after Kanye West tweeted that he was throwing an impromptu street party/live gig at 2am.

This was Ye’s response to the Governor’s Ball (and therefore his performance) being cancelled at the last minute due to dangerous weather, but his plan to replace his GB show with a street party didn’t exactly go the way he planned. 
Firstly he tweeted this, when maaaaaany reports are stating that there wasn’t even any tickets in the first place, people just rocked up:

Webster’s Hall never actually confirmed the gig was happening in the first place, and staff spent the whole night trying to tell the crowd there was no Kanye West gig at their venue:

You guessed it, Ye‘s quaint lil’ pop-up show ended up in cancelled appearances and performances, riots in the street, and a shitload of real disappointed fans. (Luckily there was no arrests and no injuries.)

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Before all of this went down however, his wife Kim Kardashian-West documented his planning process on her Snapchat. 
One image included Kanye speaking to someone about contacting the Mayor of NYC, Bill de Blasio, saying, “Call the mayor and shut down the block [garble garble] so we can have a party outside. I know it’s sold out already.”

‘WOAH’, you might think, ‘Yeezy can just do that? Shut down streets with one call to the Mayor? How does someone even get a direct phone line to the Mayor if they’re not Batman?
Well the answer is no, Yeezy apparently cannot ‘just do that’. 
According to an email from Karen Hinton, de Blasio’s press secretary, “No one contacted the mayor’s office.”
And then, de Blasio pulled this out of his #SocMed bag o’ tricks:

Sooo, uhhhh… yeah. I think we all just witnessed Kanye West learn IN REAL TIME that organising a huge show is pretty intricate and difficult, and it straight-up cannot be done in half an hour. 

Source: Twitter. 
Photo: Snapchat / Instagram.