Tuesday’s Homework

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This week you should listen to Bang! Bang! Eche! New Zealand’s latest greatest indie wave export have a self titled EP out now which could easily be labeled as one the biggest things to come out of NZ since Jonah Lomu.

They’re sound has that eclectic tradition post punk synth mix, yet still does well to encapsulate that driving foot tapping sensation like someone like Franz Ferdinand exemplifies. Maybe I’m going overboard, but either way Bang! Bang! Eche! fill a part of my heart that hadn’t scene(s.i.k.) blood for a long time prior.


From the writer of ‘No Country For Old Men’ comes this Pulitzer Prize winning tale of a Father and Son struggling at all odds to live with integrity in an increasingly depraved world. What is essentially a post-apocalyptic survival story has moments of heartbreakingingly quiet desperation juxtaposed to the most heinous of attrocities, and is all bound together by prose so rich it could easily pass for poetry. The best book I have read this year.