If you find the title to Bang Bang Eche’s forthcoming EP offensive you’re clearly an idiot. It’s the raddest EP title of the new millennium and offers a perfect summary of the New Zealand outfit’s abrasive brand of synth-punk. Sonic death, cunt. Sonic death.

“Sonic Death Cuntttt” will be self-released worldwide in October followed by a tour in the States this October and November (including performances at CMJ), then jaunts in the UK and Europe this November and Australia come New Year’s Eve.

In other Bang Bang Eche news that should help all those airfares the once-quintet have lost a member with Zach, T’Nealle, Charlie and James staying on to form a leaner, meaner four-piece.

The “Sonic Death Cunttt” EP tracklist is as follows:

1. Fist Full Of Dollars
2. You’re A Jerk
3. Beat Up The Children
4. Dirt In The Water
If you’re unfamiliar with bang Bang Eche I suggest you get acquainted…