Kitsuné Prep New Thieves Like Us EP/LP

If you’re sick of playing the classic Drugs In My Body to death we have good news and some alright news. The good news is that Thieves Like Us’ LP just around the corner. The baby bird will be flying out on Kitsuné on October 24th and we’re actually really excited for it. As for the alright news, well, Drugs In My Body is back. Remember the remix competition that Kitsuné ran for the single? Well they’re finally putting those babies out on a 12″ plus some extra special remixes from Designer Drugs and Australian banger boys, The Bang Gang Deejays. And that song will never got old man, so pick it up.

1. “Drugs In My Body” (extended mix)
2. “Drugs In My Body” (The Bang Gang Deejays remix)
3. “Drugs In My Body” (Rochelle remix)
4. “Drugs In My Body” (Designer Drugs remix)
5. “Drugs In My Body” (Just A Band remix)