Trump Finally Takes The Bait, Bashes ‘SNL’ For Its Spot-On Impersonation

Welp, that took longer than expected.

Donald Trump has finally had a go at Saturday Night Live and its new Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin, and the Republican presidential candidate has gone as far as labelling the whole thing part of a media cabal:

Although Baldwin has donned the Don wig for a fair few weeks now, it looks like the show’s take on that utter nightmare of a second debate was enough to get Trump all a-Tweetin’.
TBH, we’re not entirely sure what Trump thinks is so onerous about the latest skit. SNL’s take on Trump merely expounds upon his objectively rank comments and actions, and last night’s episode was no different. The skit riffed on the slew of sexual assault allegations laid against him and his leering stage-presence, both of which are fair game for criticism.
Perhaps the harshest moment was when Baldwin-as-Trump said “Hillary Clinton has committed so many crimes, she’s basically a black.” But, when you consider the real Trump’s insistence that five men of colour be held accountable for a crime they were exonerated of via DNA evidence, it’s not really too far off, hey?
Of course, this take on SNL seems to be a new one for Trump, considering he was all a-bloody-bout it during his November 2015 hosting gig. Regardless, catch the whole deal here, and decide for yourself if it’s worth a 7am local time rage-Tweet from an actual presidential nominee:

Source: Donald Trump / Twitter. 
Photo: Saturday Night Live / NBC / Donald Trump / Twitter.