Alec Baldwin Promises Trump The Parodies Will Stop… If He Reveals His Taxes

For many, there’s few positives to a Trump presidency (in fact, it’s a scary time for many people globally), but comedians are absolutely milking the currently US political situation for all it’s goddamn worth. 
Alec Baldwin is the chosen one, tasked with impersonating the new leader of the free world – and since the bloke’s a vocal politics nerd and passionate Democrat, he’s not exactly taking it lightly. 
In last night’s ‘Saturday Night Live‘ skit about Trump (yes, it is possibly the 538457th one), the team parodied Trump‘s tendency to over-simplify (or in this instance, smoosh together) complex issues:
SNL also made fun of Trump‘s absolutely inane Twitter account (duh). The bit showed Baldwin’s Trump refusing to pay attention during a security briefing, instead choosing to retweet strangers.

After the show, Trump responded with his classic ‘Sad!’ aesthetic (we swear he’s got a tweet template saved or something):

But Baldwin wasn’t taking it lying down.
Hitting the true meta-parody mark, he hit Trump w/ an extremely familiar request (ICYMI, the man filled his political campaign with demands for the release of Hillary Clinton‘s damning emails and tax records):

It’s quite the negotiation technique, it seems.
Can’t wait for every politician ever to release all their tax records! We’re sure very few of ’em have evaded tax or sent funds offshore or done hugely illegal shit in that area. They’d never do that, right?
Source: SNL / @AlecBaldwin.
Photo: SNL.