TRAILER: Daniel Radcliffe & Jon Hamm Bathe Together in ‘A Young Doctor’s Notebook’

No, this isn’t a trailer for some perverse fan-fiction skin-flick in which a barely-legal Harry Potter serves as bathing muse for a creatively stifled Don Draper. Instead, it’s the first trailer for A Young Doctor’s Notebook, a film based on a series of Mikhail Bulgakov short stories that sees Hamm play his favourite type – war vet – struggling to come to grips with his identity! World’s Smallest Adult Actor, Radcliffe, plays his younger self, the titular young doctor with much slapstick aplomb. This is a made-for-theatrical-television piece so don’t expect a theatrical release and be sure to check in with your mother for an air date closer to its Australian debut – probably some time next year on the ABC – because ‘ooh she likes her some Hamm’.

via Collider