Pls Enjoy This Vid Of Tony Armstrong Realising The Vegemite Shoe Polish ‘Hack’ Won’t Work

Everyone’s mum’s favourite ABC presenter, Tony Armstrong, has delivered us an absolute belter video on the supposed Vegemite shoe polish hack. This is what our tax dollars are going towards and I personally couldn’t be happier.

The video is a clip from Tony’s new four-part series Great Australian Stuff. In it, our boy “uncovers the surprising stories behind some of our most loved – and loathed – iconic Australian “stuff”” per the write-up on iview.


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“Do you ever catch yourself in a kitchen, getting ready for an event and think to yourself “hmm, I don’t have any shoe polish?” Tony asks the camera.

“I’ll tell you what you definitely do have … Vegemite. It’s perfect to buff those shoes up.”

Okay, sir. Big call.

I live in a share house with two other boys. Bold of you to assume we have anything in our cupboards except for two-minute noodles and baked beans.

That being said, I just checked and we do, in fact, have a jar of Vegemite in there.

I guess Tony was right after all. Damn him! He’s so good at everything!!!

“You’re going to want to get yourself a knife,” he continues.

“Decent dollop of Vegemite. Put that on your buffer. And you just put it on the… I don’t know if, I don’t know if I like this.”


You know the life hack is shithouse when one of the subtitles is literally “(GROANS)”.

“That’s pretty gross, eh?” says Tony.

“Umm … Don’t do this! Get shoe polish, or different shoes, or don’t go.”

What a ride we’ve all been on. He never fails to deliver.

Put out your Vegemite-coated leather boots for Tony!

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BRB, team. Gotta go put peanut butter on my cufflinks.