The ABC Brekkie Show Fact Checked John Oliver’s Claim That He Has Tony Armstrong’s Mum’s Scarf

Tony Armstrong wearing his Mum's scarf spliced with John Oliver holding up a very similar scarf

BREAKING NEWS: It turns out John Oliver didn’t somehow manage to somehow finagle Tony Armstrong‘s Mum‘s scarf from the opposite side of the world. I’m genuinely so relieved.

In case you missed it, the legendary moment where Tony went hogwild on ABC brekkie TV after the Socceroos won their qualifying World Cup playoff has gone international.

As you may remember, one fan successfully stole the scarf Armstrong was wearing, which was in fact his Mum’s. It’s an absolutely stunning scarf with a gorgeous two tone beige and brown colour pattern going on. Frankly I’d be tempted to steal it myself.

John Oliver then shared the moment on Last Week Tonight this week. Congratulations to all the Americans getting to experience the most joyous moment on Australian TV for the first time.

And in an absolute twist, Oliver claimed he in fact had the infamous scarf in his possession.

Thankfully, the Very Serious Journalists of ABC News Breakfast have fact checked that claim. This is what reporting is all about.

Hosts Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar addressed the Last Week Tonight segment on the brekkie show.

“John Oliver, he’s a great comedian and a great presenter — he’s also a fraud,” Rowland said after showing the clip.

Strong words from the ABC there.

The show then dramatically cut to Tony Armstrong also sat on the couch… wearing his Mum’s scarf. Thank GOD for that.

“I mean, the magic of TV,” Armstrong said.

“Did you notice how his one wasn’t as good quality?”

The conversation quickly turned into a scarf roast. Millar added she thought Oliver’s scarf was shorter too which like, okay, get him and his prop department I guess.

“Cop that, John,” Armstrong said.

Wow, Four Corners is truly shaking. This is the investigative journalism I want from the ABC.

It’s just an absolute relief to see that gorgeous scarf back on its rightful neck, ready for more live TV shenanigans.