Tony Armstrong Says He Got A Pay Rise At The ABC After Winning A Logie And Get That Bread, Babes

tony armstrong logies win day off

Australia’s favourite moustachey-faced man Tony Armstrong has revealed he scored a pay rise at the ABC just hours after he won a Logie Award. He’s a legend, he’s an icon, he’s the moment et cetera.

I personally think he should have received a pay rise after he uttered the words “bulging dick” on live television but hey, that’s just me.

According to, after the ABC News Breakfast sports reporter won the Silver Logie for Most Popular New Talent he jokingly asked his bosses for a wee pay rise. As he should, I say.

Well, it turns out the big dogs at the ABC actually accepted his request in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

“I get a call from my management, ‘We have had a call from the ABC… They have given you a pay bump’,” he said during an appearance on the Ausmerican Aces Sports Club podcast.

“To all the naysayers, it turns out winning a Logie is worth something.”

First things first: that podcast name is a bit of a bloody tongue twister. Try saying “Ausmerican aces” five times fast.

Secondly: go off, king. Winning a Logie Award is absolutely nothing to sneeze at in my books and anyone who says otherwise is simply jealous they don’t have a statue in the shape of a weird amorphous human being.

The Logie Awards ceremony was Armstrong’s first red carpet stint as a household name, and he’s previously told PEDESTRIAN.TV the whole thing wasn’t his cup of tea.

“Not for me, hey,” he said.

“The day before I had a rehearsal with Dylan Alcott because we presented an award so I scoped out a whole way I could avoid the red carpet. Publicity were not having that. Some people love it and all power to them but you could not get me off that thing quick enough.

“It’s like anxiety-inducing, having to stand in front of people and have your photo taken.”

Honestly, it’s absolutely fair enough. I reckon Armstrong did a gorgeous job, though — him crediting “the old cheese, me mum” for his successes during his acceptance speech was a pure moment that still lives rent-free in my mind.