Tony Armstrong Filled In For The Absent Weather Man On Live TV & Is There Anything He Can’t Do?


Everybody’s favourite human and news presenter Tony Armstrong stepped in as weather man on live TV this morning and it was truly the sweetest impromptu weather report I ever did see.

ABC News anchor Joe O’Brien crossed to weather reporter Nate Byrne on Monday morning but the camera instead accidentally went to Armstrong sitting patiently behind his own news desk.

He stood up and walked out of shot, presuming he was off air, but when O’Brien realised Byrne wasn’t actually at the weather screen and said, “I think we’ll get to Nate eventually”, Armstrong laughed off camera and said, “Do you want me to step in?”

“Yeah maybe we need a bit more of Tony!” O’Brien said, and don’t we all.

There was a lot of giggling and empty screens until the man himself appeared in front of the big map of Australia.

Armstrong launched straight into reporting the weather in Melbourne (where he lives) like an absolute pro WITHOUT an autocued script.

“Sunny day today I think we’re getting to a top of 14, pretty clear, so get your washing done today,” he said.

He started to apologise to all non-Melbourne-based viewers because he didn’t know what it was like in their cities but then the autocue popped up and he was able to continue his report.

“Hang on, hang on! I’ve actually got the autocue here now,” he said.

He reported hazardous surf and southerly winds in NSW like a goddamn natural.

“Queensland has a chance of showers around the Torres Strait and for the south east coast,” he continued

“But clear skies everywhere else means widespread morning frost for the interior — and i don’t know what that means,” he said.

He turned around to face the screen and noticed the severe weather warning and quickly conceded he had no idea what he was doing. Could’ve fooled us! If Tony Armstrong says the weather forecast is for rain then you just know I’m getting my umbrella out.

“Gee whiz, I don’t know what’s going on behind me Joe, I’m doing my best though!”

The screen behind him then jumped around to a bunch of different cities and Armstrong decided the best thing to do was just dance a little bit. My heart.

O’Brien rightly said: “Tony Armstrong can do anything, he is amazing! He’s at Norfolk Island, he’s at Noumea, he’s in Vancouver, he’s got it all going on!”

“Alright I’m out,” Armstrong said as he hopped off screen laughing.

“Ah so unfortunately we didn’t have Nate Byrne ready there but yeah just terrific to have the man who can do anything Tony Armstrong filling in for a moment.”

What can’t he do???

Armstrong tweeted the clip this afternoon with the caption “Just gotta go with it sometimes”. Words to live by.

Thank you for all you do, Tony, our new favourite weather man.