I’m Currently Getting All My Motivation From This Video Of Tom Holland Coaching A Pigeon

tom holland

Forget those inspirational quotes you read on Instagram, because this video of Tom Holland coaching a pigeon out of his house is quite possibly the only thing is keeping me motivated right now.

Holland, who we all know and love for his iconic Lip Sync battle of Rihanna’s Umbrella (oh, and for his role as Spiderman), took to his Instagram stories to share the content we truly need right now.

“It’s always fun when my pal Will Smith comes to hang out in the living room,” he began the video, referencing his recent animated film Spies In Disguise.

tom holland bird
Meet Will Smith (the pigeon).

But after introducing us to the pigeon, and his shirtless body, Holland begins to encourage the pigeon to spread his (or her) wings and fly away. Brace yourselves because this is the supportive speech you probably need right now.

“That a boy, good boy, or girl, could be. Okay. Smashing it. Smashing it This is great work, this is good form. Smashing it. To the door, to the door, to the door. Love it. Love your work. Love your work,” he encourages the bird.

I mean, did we expect anything less from this wholesome man? Tom Holland seems like the kind of sweet angel man to offer these motivational words of wisdom to *checks notes* a pigeon.

“Here we go.”

tom holland bird
Image: Instagram @tomholland2013

“Ooooh it’s flying,” he said before the bird flew straight into the window. “Oh no.”

But thankfully, the bird made it out alive after what is by far the most entertaining story I’ve seen all day.

“You’re so close,” he said. “Be free!”

Happy Monday to Tom Holland (and his bird) and Tom Holland (and his bird) ONLY.

If this isn’t quite enough wholesome Tom Holland content to satisfy your needs, please feast your eyes on his iconic Lip Sync Battle performance that is still the only video on the internet that matters.