Someone Should Check On Adelaide, Because The Mall’s Balls Are Now Joined By A Giant Pigeon

The City of Adelaide just spent $174,000 on a massive pigeon statue, and that’s certainly one way to spend your money.

The new sculpture was unveiled today at Rundle Mall in Adelaide, and already has people talking.

Fun fact: Rundle Mall, like Queensland, is also famous for its big things. They have two big ol’ silver balls, a massive 1880s fountain and four pigs.

Some people in the replies weren’t happy with the large sum of money spent on the statue.

One person wrote: “Can’t afford the supercars that brings in $46m in profit but can pay $174,000 for a useless statue that brings zero dollars into the state, absolutely ridiculous.”

However, others were more optimistic about our new pigeon overlord.

According to the City of Adelaide, the big pigeon is a homage to “those feathery urban dwellers that inhabit many city centres”, or as I like to call them ‘the rats of the sky’.

The man behind the feathery two metre pigeon is artist Paul Sloan. His vision was to raise the status of the humble pigeon to be something of wonder.

“I see pigeons as proud flaneurs, promenading through our leisure and retail precincts. They are the quiet witnesses of our day-to-day activities in the city, our observers from day through to night,” said Sloan.

Our pigeon friend has been positioned in southern Gawler Place near the Nespresso Boutique, and is meant to entice people into the space.

Lord Mayor of Adelaide Sandy Verschoor said that the pigeon is unique and will add to the culture of Adelaide.

“This exciting piece of public art will build on the existing legacy of public art across the city and will add to Adelaide’s reputation as a place of culture, creativity and innovation,” Verschoor said.

“I think it will be a piece of artwork that will attract a lot of opinions. I really look forward to people’s reaction to it.”

I, for one, welcome our new pigeon overlords.