WATCH: Tom Hardy Slaps John Boyega’s Butt In ‘Star Wars’ Cameo 

Earlier this week we’ve had Laura Dern saying “pew pew” as she fired her blaster at enemies and today there’s a cameo of Tom Hardy as a stormtrooper slapping Finn (John Boyega) on the bottom.

This deleted scene finally surfaced as The Last Jedi hit blu-ray and DVD this week and people are confused yet strangely amused.

Around late last year, before people even knew Tom Hardy would be in the film, he accidentally let slip of it with an Insta post he quickly deleted. But it was too late ‘cos fan accounts got their paws on it and the post went far, far across the social media galaxy.

The scene is set during Finn and Rose’s (Kelly Marie Tran) side-story where they try and infiltrate the First Order Base alongside DJ (Benicio del Toro) – the dude that steals stuff and ends up betraying them. If your memory’s a little foggy, their mission was to disable the tracking device on the remaining Resistance ships and get out alive.

The three are disguised in First Order uniforms and the scene is initially very serious as they suddenly run into a pack of stormtroopers. One of them (Tom Hardy) keeps staring at Finn, and recognises him from his ol’ First Order days as FN-2187 and pulls him up on it. This is the part where you’d think shit goes down but as it turns out, this stormtrooper is an ally of sorts.

“You don’t remember me?” stormtrooper-926-Tom says. “926, induct camp, Batch Eight. Yeah I remember you…I know I’m not supposed to initiate contact with officers but, I never took you for captain material. Look at youuuu, captain! Batch Eight, heigh-ho!” 

And then the butt-slap happens. It’s bro-tastic.

926 may play a small role in the film but he already has his own wiki fandom page which you can check out HERE.

Here’s the clip below.

Tom joins a whole lotta people who cameo’d in the film including Justin Theroux, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellie Goulding, Edgar Wright, Gary (Carrie Fisher’s boo) and even literal royalty with Prince William and Prince Harry also pulling on the stormtrooper kit.

So yes, technically since John confirmed it, Prince William and Prince Harry are also in this bizarre deleted scene. The more you know.

Here’s a cute pic of Gary being Star Wars-ified.