‘Baby Driver’ Is Copping A ‘Volume 2’ Record Full Of Unreleased Tracks 

Fans of the hybrid modern-musical and car film, Baby Driver better buckle up for a whole ‘nother ride because director Edgar Wright has announced an extended record chockablock full of  dialogue excerpts, remixes, and exclusive tracks that didn’t make it into the original film. And yep, you can expect an unreleased track by Kidkoala called Debora.

This doesn’t mean these extras are bad in any way though, there were literally too many songs to fit into one film so Edgar has decided to release a record to remedy the delicious problem.

Also on the album is an unreleased score by Oscar winning legend and composer Steven Price. You may know him for his tremendous work on the intense score for the film Gravity. 

The record is called Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score and it’ll be blessing your ears on April 13. And to really appreciate music in all its form, volume two will be released as an LP aka a vinyl so time to save some cash and buy a vinyl player.

If that just put you off the entire thing, please relive the epic six minute opening scene here to change your mind.

Edgar announced the news on Twitter yesterday sending fans into overdrive.

Exhibit A:

That is serious dedication.

With the way the tweet was worded, a lot of fans thought a sequel was on its way but alas Edgar has yet to say if this is true or not. But a score for a score is not a bad way to keep the vibes going.

If you’ve never seen the film before or just wanna relive the hype of an original film written to its soundtrack, you can check out the very outta-this-world compilation to kick off your weekend. And even though the track list has yet to be officially announced for 2.0, it’s safe to say you can expect only very excellent things.