Jeff Goldblum Did A Voice Role Over The Phone Cos He’s A Busy Bee 

If you’ve happened to tune into one or more Jeff Goldblum interviews you’ll notice he’s a bit of a unique one – some may even say he’s on something…of a natural high. Last night on CONAN, Daddy Jeff appeared on the show to talk about an upcoming film he appears in, Isle Of Dogs except there was a bit of a scheduling clash so Jeff just recorded the part on his phone. As you do.

But before we get into that, when Conan kicks off the interview by talking about the Bohemian Mountain Dog, Duke, who Jeff voices, Jeff starts to rub his tummy in strange sensual circles and Conan literally stops the interview to question it. But really, just go with it when Jeff Goldblum’s sitting in front of you.

Also, Jeff bonded with his dog to be a dog.

Anyway, ‘cos the cast for this movie isn’t big enough, Jeff got invited to do the part by none other than the director, Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr. Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel and a bunch of others).

“So I couldn’t go ‘cos I was stuck in California, Wes was on the phone and that’s how I did the part…it was all his doing, he knows what he is doing yes yes, he knows what he is doing.” 

Jeff peters out, wiggles his fingers a fair bit and the crowd laughs ‘cos again it’s Jeff Goldblum and then the weirdest part of this interview happens – Jeff starts talking about hypnosis and how he fake-hypnotises his son, Charlie Ocean. 

Yep, anyway here’s the interview snippet.


The fact that Jeff recorded the part on a phone and you can’t even tell is very impressive.

Isle Of Dogs is the next highly anticipated film set in an animated futuristic Japan. There, the dogs of Megasaki City are booted off to an island of literal trash after fear of the (not real) dog flu. It’s got a very star-studded cast including Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Bryan Cranston, Scarlett Johansson and Edward Norton just to name a FEW.

If that’s not enough to win you over, there’s a recent stop-motion video floating around of the cast doing interviews in their dog-form.

It’ll make ya lil’ child heart sing.

Isle of Dogs comes out March 23 in Aussie cinemas.