Can Somebody Please Check On Tom Hanks ’Coz This Is Simply Too Much Vegemite On Your Toast

tom hanks vegemite

Sweet angel man Tom Hanks is making headlines again today, but you don’t need to freak out because his coronavirus hasn’t gotten worse. Instead, the Toy Story actor is in the news for sharing a truly insane photo of his Vegemite toast that has absolutely sent me at 9pm on a Sunday night.

Tom took to Instagram to share a photo of his breakfast, leaving me to question whether he’s actually got coronavirus, or if he’s just overdosed on sodium from the insane amount of Vegemite he’s been consuming.

Hanks is currently in isolation on the Gold Coast after him and his wife Rita Wilson were diagnosed with coronavirus earlier this week.

Naturally, Australian Twitter went absolutely insane over the picture, sending “Vegemite” to the top of the Twitter trends list.

Many fans are convinced he’ll make it through the coronavirus but it’ll ultimately be the Vegemite that gets him.

But others think he could be using this as some sort of DIY coronavirus cure. Surely this amount of Vegemite could kill any sort of viral infection known to man.

We need to protect Tom Hanks at all costs. This is simply TOO MUCH Vegemite for any human.

Even after being diagnosed with coronavirus, Tom Hanks is still finding ways to be the only thing my brain can think about.

We love ONE man. And apparently that man really fucking loves Vegemite.