Amy Shark Is Planning A Dinner Date With Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, So Where’s My Fkn Invite

amy shark tom hanks

Coronavirus has well and truly fucked up our lives, but if you’re looking for the silver lining to this dark grey cloud, I have found it. Aussie musician Amy Shark has befriended sweet angel couple Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson in what can only be described as the good news story we needed to get through today.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tom and Rita were diagnosed with coronavirus yesterday, kicking off what has been the wildest 48 hours of news we’ve seen all year.

Unfortunately, this means our favourite Hollywood couple are stranded on the Gold Coast until further notice.

Thankfully, Aussie music legend Amy Shark has reached out to the couple on Twitter, offering her Gold Coast residence for them to borrow during their 14 day isolation period.

Like many of us, Amy probably didn’t think Tom Hanks would reply to her tweet. I mean, he’s Tom Hanks.

But to make today even sweeter, Rita Wilson took to Twitter to reply to Amy’s tweet and suggest a celebration, thanking her for her generosity.

After presumably losing her fucking mind over the fact that Rita Wilson wants to celebrate with her, Amy replied suggesting the trio organise a dinner date.

Amy, if you’re reading this, please invite me to your dinner date. I swear I am a hoot, and I make a mean lasagne.

In their short time in our beautiful country, Tom and Rita have come down with the nastiest virus we’ve got right now, so it’s nice to see that they’ve at least copped a bit of our Australian hospitality.

Amy Shark is the Australian icon we should be presenting to the world.