Tom Hanks’ Good Son, Colin, Has Weighed In On His Old Man’s Vegemite Habits

colin hanks

It’s been a wild week to be Tom Hanks’ biggest fan, with the beloved actor being diagnosed with coronavirus and outing himself for his ridiculous Vegemite-toast ratio. But thankfully, his *other* son Colin Hanks has taken to Twitter to inform us that he was calling out his dad’s insane Vegemite habits long before it was cool.

In case you missed it, our sweet angel Tom Hanks shared a pic of his Vegemite toast while in coronavirus quarantine yesterday, immediately sending the internet into a meltdown.

Tom’s son (no, not *that* one) Colin took to Twitter on Monday afternoon in response to the now-viral Vegemite on toast photo.

Presumed favourite child Colin is on team “that’s too much” in the age-old Vegemite debate. Naturally, this makes me question what life must’ve been like in the Hanks household. If Colin is a sensible Vegemiter and Tom is reckless as fuck, does that mean Chet is just eating it with a spoon? Look, probably.