Tom Hanks Was Not Mad, Just Disappointed With Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Monologue

Hard to say why exactly Ricky Gervais was brought in from the bath to host the Golden Globes, but it’s happened nonetheless and he managed to wade himself through a monologue that was prickly at times, strange at others, and shoddily provocative throughout. And while the live crowd in attendance offered a smattering of laughs, one head in the room who was certainly not amused was the lovely and good Tom Hanks.

[jwplayer AlrIrmYj]

Throughout the monologue, the camera repeatedly cut to Hanks who provided several meme-worthy facial expressions in response to some of Gervais’ lines.

Firstly, Hanks jaw hit the floor after Gervais delivered a half-baked gag about the recently incarcerated Felicity Huffman.

But the real kicker came at the end of the monologue, where Gervais told those appearing on stage during the ceremony to “thank your agent and your god and fuck off.”

Hanks made the ultimate Disappointed Dad face, holding it for an agonising few seconds as the camera cut to him for one perfect shot.

Already, we’ve got an ocean of good-as-hell gags and posts flowing in thanks to ye olde social media.

2020 off to a red hot start on the meme front, I tell you what.