It’s Finally Confirmed: Tom Felton Did Reciprocate Emma Watson’s Crush When They Were Teens

Tom Felton Emma Watson had mutual crushes on each other

Tom Felton has finally admitted in his memoir that he *did* have a crush on Emma Watson during their time filming Harry Potter together. Wow, two weeks ago this would have had me screaming like a mandrake. Now I want to cast a spell to keep him TF away from her.

Tom Felton opened up about his “secret love” for Watson in his memoir Beyond the Wand: The Magic and Mayhem of Growing Up a Wizard, which actually wasn’t so secret because everyone and their mum has had suspicions about the two. I mean, people do not look at each other like these two did at the Harry Potter reunion unless there are unresolved romantic feelings flitting about. Or they’ve boinked.

Felton said he and Watson “definitely nursed crushes” on each other but nothing ever came of them because it happened “at different times”.

He recalled the day he first learned about Watson’s crush on him. He was told about it by a stylist while he was getting his hair and makeup done.

“She was 12, I was 15,” he wrote.

“I had a girlfriend, and in any case, I’d been programmed to dismiss any talk of that kind of stuff. I laughed it off. In fact, I don’t think I really believed [it].”

Dating rumours about the two began to swirl in the media after Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) was filmed, when they were both teenagers.

“I denied that I like her in that way,” Felton wrote, though that wasn’t quite the case.

Apparently Felton’s girlfriend actually asked him whether he had feelings for Watson.

“I remember using that familiar old line: ‘I love her like a sister,’” he wrote.

“But there was more to it than that.”

While there were definitely feelings brewing, Felton still insists he wasn’t in love with Watson.

“I don’t think I was ever in love with Emma, but I loved and admired her as a person in a way that I could never explain to anyone else.”

Uh huh. Sure, you were never in love with the woman who you literally cannot stop talking about, who you bring up at every event, and who you dedicated a chapter in your book to. At this point, if they never had a romantic connection then this would be kinda weird.

Watson actually wrote a foreword for the memoir too, in which she refers to Felton as her ‘soulmate’. But they’re platonic, of course.

“Like Tom, I always struggle to explain to people the nature of our connection and relationship,” she wrote.

“For more than twenty years now we’ve loved each other in a special way.

“It’s one of the purest loves I can think of. We’re soulmates, and we’ve always had each other’s backs. I know we always will. It makes me emotional to think about it.”

She then wrote that “to be seen and loved like that is one of the great gifts of my life”.

And I’m supposed to believe these two are not in love with each other?!

ICYMI, Harry Potter fans are pretty convinced there are either feelings between these two, or there once were and they’ve hooked up.

It’s a well known fact that Emma Watson was crushing hard on Tom Felton during the HP days, but in the franchise’s reunion special it seemed there was still something there.

“I walked into the room where we were having tutoring,” Watson recalled during the reunion.

“The assignment that had been given was to draw what you thought God looked like and Tom had drawn a girl with a backward cap on a skateboard.

“And I just don’t know how to say it – I just fell in love with him.”

“I think I was in the hair and make-up chair and someone said something along the lines of, ‘Yeah, she had a crush on you,” Felton added at the time.

“I became very protective over her. Yeah, I’ve always had a soft spot for her and that continues to this day.”

Protective? Soft spot? HMMM.

However, Watson denied their crushes ever eventuated and said nothing “ever, ever, ever” happened between them.

In hindsight, maybe that’s a good thing. You know, since Tom Felton outed himself as a supporter of You-Know-Who and refused to condemn transphobia.

Oh, how the mighty fall.

Once upon a time I would have frothed the idea of a Felton/Watson renaissance. Now I reckon he should get a job and stay away from her. Nothing gives you the ick quicker than someone being complicit in transphobia!