Someone Tell Tom Felton He Doesn’t Have To Play A Villain Anymore Bc He Just Endorsed JK Rowling

Tom Felton endorses JK Rowling, praises her

Tom Felton has refused to condemn JK Rowling for her transphobia and instead insisted on not picking “sides”, which is giving off some extreme Draco Malfoy energy. Someone tell him the franchise is over, there’s no need to method-act as a villain anymore.

The Harry Potter star spoke to The Times where he said no one has brought as much “joy” to a whole generation of children quite like She Who Must Not Be Named. He forgot to mention the deep hurt she caused that same generation because of her incessant bigotry.

“I couldn’t speak for what others have said or what she said, to be completely honest, but I’m often reminded, attending Comic Cons in particular, that no one has single-handedly done more for bringing joy to so many different generations and walks of life,” he told the publication.

“I’m constantly reminded of her positive work in that field and as a person. I’ve only had a handful of meetings with her but she has always been lovely. So I’m very grateful for that.”

When questioned on JK Rowling’s rampant transphobia, Felton remained on the fence — just as spineless as his fictional persona.

“I don’t tend to pick sides,” he said.

“I won’t talk specifics but I enjoy reminding myself and others that a lot of my good friends have ways of life or personal decisions that I don’t necessarily agree with. We should enjoy celebrating each other’s differences.”

Ummm, “celebrating each other’s differences” is a phrase we use to refer to things like our differences in race, gender, sexuality, appearance or religion. It is not something you’re supposed to co-opt to champion tolerance for bigotry and hurtful, harmful rhetoric like transphobia. WTF Tom Felton?!

ICYMI, JK Rowling has been under fire for years because of her takes on trans identities, which she continues to invalidate and demonise.

The drama started when she liked a tweet which described trans women as “men in dresses”. It escalated after she penned a transphobic essay which claimed cis women’s rights were under attack by trans women and activists (which we debunked over here, by the way).

She has also openly criticised the use of gender neutral terms like “people who menstruate” rather than “women”.

Rowling’s antics prompted mass backlash not just from Harry Potter fans but from the stars of the movie itself.

Emma Watson tweeted her support to trans folk, while Rupert Grint wrote a statement affirming trans identities.

“I firmly stand with the trans community and echo the sentiments expressed by many of my peers,” Grint said in a statement to The Times.

“Trans women are women. Trans men are men. We should all be entitled to live with love and without judgement.”

Daniel Radcliffe (king) openly condemned Rowling’s rancid take.

“Transgender women are women,” he wrote in an open letter.

“Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people and goes against all advice given by professional health care associations who have far more expertise on this subject matter than either Jo or I.”

Interesting how the heroes of the franchise have spoken out to defend a marginalised group being used as the face of a culture war in politics.

Meanwhile Tom Felton, who played a fascist villain in Harry Potter, has now refused to stand up for what’s right or even just condemn transphobia.

Life imitates art, I guess.