Tom Ballard Left Triple J Today So Let’s Watch A Video Of All The Weird Shit He’s Done

Comedian Tom Ballard finally bid adieu to his hard-fought slashie designation today when he hosted his last ever broadcast as the taller half of triple j’s Tom & Alex breakfast show in front of a live audience at the Metro Theatre in Sydney this morning.

On the occasion of his departure we would like to thank Tom for committing himself to a profession demanding 4am wake up times and for being a hilarious human being who has always had time for us. Like that time he teamed up with fellow triple j broadcaster rededicating his energy to following his dreams, Brendan Maclean, for a helpful guide to surviving Mardi Gras (Tip #4: Bring your conservative grandparents and really rub their faces in 2012), his A-Z of Australian comedy (F is for Fleet, Greg – “You haven’t made it in Australian comedy until you’ve lent Fleety some money”), and a very persuasive opinion piece on why homo cred is on the rise.

So thank you Mr. Ballard. What better way to commemorate your time on the airwaves than with this triple j compilation of all the weird shit you’ve done over the years. Including some things that we can’t really remember you doing but due to us having watched this video just now are presently very aware of: you and Alex Dyson were naked in the studio that one time, that woman ate food off your stomach, you got hit in the head with a cricket ball, you ate a meat pie. Memories.  

Peace out Tom. Your dick jokes will be missed.