Tom Ballard Announces His Departure From Triple J

This morning on live radio Tom Ballard announced that, after four years with the show, he would be leaving the Triple J breakfast gig to focus on other, less early in the morning type of pursuits.

In a statement on the JJJ site, he said “For the past four years I’ve been paid to wake up with one of my best friends in the whole world, talk shit, wear zentai suits, laugh at my dad, drink instant coffee and play good music. It’s been the sweetest of gigs, but I feel like now’s the right time for me to try new things, focus on my high-brow and searing stand up (i.e. dick jokes) and endeavour to annoy Australia via other mediums.” You can check out the whole thing here and can read ‘Saying Goodbye to triple j breakfast‘ on his blog here.

It’s Alex & _______ in the Morning!

Since Tom is going to be focusing on comedy, this seems as good a time as any to link to that one time he wrote us up an ‘A-Z of Australian Comedy‘. Here’s hoping he dominates the whole alphabet in the years to come – onya m8.