Oh God, This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend While She Was On The Toilet & Somehow, It Worked

toilet proposal

A woman on Facebook has revealed the truly ~romantic~ way her boyfriend proposed to her while she was literally sitting on the toilet and that’s it, I’m proposal shaming.

The woman, who remains nameless, took to Facebook to share a proposal shot from the point-of-view of her sitting on the toilet with her pants down. ICONIC.

“So most random engagement!” she wrote on Facebook. “My fella just proposed while I was on the toilet.”

Thankfully for her boyfriend, she said yes to the unique proposal and honestly, good for them. They probably have a healthy, comfortable relationship that didn’t require a romantic proposal. But with that being said, if anyone proposes to me while I’m on the toilet I will quite literally never speak to you again.

But the unorthodox proposal was just the start of this love story, because their celebration somehow managed to out-do even the most wild of proposals.

To celebrate their upcoming nuptials, the newly-betrothed couple ordered a celebratory sex swing.

“To celebrate our engagement, he just ordered a sex swing!” she added to the post.

Honestly, I can’t even tell if it’s serious or if this is some sort of wild attempt at internet fame. If it is real, congratulations to the happy couple on their engagement. And if it’s all a big hoax, thanks for absolutely destroying my last brain cell.