Props To Stan For Making The Best Of A Shitty Sitch With A ‘Seinfeld’ Gag On Their Homepage

Massive shoutout to the, excuse the pun, shit-stirrers at Stan, who took the almighty #toiletpapergate as an opportunity to get some giggles out of their subscribers.

Yesterday, after returning home from a shitty day, Stan customers will have seen an iconic Seinfeld moment involving toilet paper highlighted on their screen.


In the episode, Elaine and Jerry go on a double-date with their respective partners to the movies, only sadly, because they don’t have mobile phones to help them locate each other, both couples are forced to sit separately.

When Elaine goes to the loo, she finds herself without toilet paper in her stall (a problem that apparently every Aussie thinks they will soon encounter).

She asks the woman in the stall next to her, who unbeknownst to her is Jerry’s girlfriend, if she could borrow a few squares of her toilet paper, but she refuses, leading to the following interaction.

Then, at the end of the episode, Elaine discovers that it was Jerry’s girlfriend who refused to help her out in her time of need, so she steals all the toilet paper from the coffee shop so that she can experience the same predicament Elaine found herself in at the beginning of the ep.

Do yourself a favour and go check out The Stall (season 5, episode 12), now streaming on Stan.