Tina Arena Toasts Cadel Evans’ Tour De France Win

Anyone who writes professional athlete under ‘Occupation’ on the census form is worthy of praise. They get up every day and do exercise. They exercise to make a living. That in itself is amazing.

Being a cyclist in the Tour de France elicits a whole other level of awe. They ride 3,600 kilometres in three weeks. There’s a legitimate chance they could die while on the race. They have to wear lycra. And the likelihood that they ride while marinating in their own urine is probably much higher than we realise.

What an amazing achievement that Cadel Evans not only finished the whole fucking thing, but managed to do it better and quicker than anyone else in the world.

After those years of training and hours on the mountain it must have been a wonderful moment for Evans to hear the Australian national anthem as he stood on the winners podium wearing the yellow jersey.

It seemed kind of random that Tina Arena was on hand to sing “Advance Australia Fair” though. Even Cadel said “I was a bit surprised that Tina Arena came out to sing the anthem.”

This guy was clearly thinking the same thing:

Anyway, here it is: Tina Arena sings “Advance Australia Fair” to Cadel Evans, winner of Tour de France 2011.