Pete Evans Has Responded To Facebook Deletion By Flogging His *Definitely* Not A Cult Website

pete evans

Just hours after Facebook yeeted him off the platform, Pete Evans has taken to Instagram to respond to the situation and flog his own “network” that is filled with conspiracy theories, podcasts and… recipes.

“It is going to be quite a show watching what happens with section 230 and how the tech companies deal with this in the future. As they say “Let’s see what happens”,” Evans wrote on Instagram on Thursday morning.

“In the meantime…stay healthy and strong and in your heart space. If you like, you can find some amazing meal plans, recipes, UNCENSORED content including podcasts, vodcasts, inspiring and educations films, interviews, cooking classes and a whole lot more on our EVOLVE platform at,” he added.

The platform, which boasts “uncensored content”, is a subscription-based site that’ll set you back $10 per month, or $100 annually.

“Welcome to a space where you are part of a community. It’s our mission to empower, enlighten and enrich everyone along this beautiful ride we call life. With recipes, meal plans, films, series, podcasts and live events. We can’t wait for you to join us,” the website description reads.

I simply cannot stress enough just how much of a culty vibe this website gives me. I’m not saying this *is* a cult, but as somebody who is definitely gullible enough to end up in a cult one day, this website truly gives me the heeby jeebies.

In addition to teaching you how to cook eggs, Evans also shares a bunch of his usual conspiracy theory nonsense and promotes the “Plandemic” documentary on the site. Basically, it’s a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream, with a sprinkling of recipes that Jordan Peterson would froth.

The move to the new platform comes after Facebook finally took the steps to delete his account, but interestingly, his Instagram page is still active, despite being owned by the same company.

What’s next for Pete Evans? Only time will tell, but here’s hoping he continues to take his dangerous content further into the depths of his own network and away from the celery juice-chugging pilates mums of mainstream social media.