Timothée Chalamet’s Backless Outfit Put The ‘Nice’ In ‘Venice Film Festival’ & The Internet Agrees

As the old saying goes — It’s only Timothée Chalamet if it’s from the Chalamet region of France. Otherwise it’s just sparkling sexual awakening. On the red carpet of this year’s Venice Film Festival, we were all issued a stark reminder of this when our boy wore a backless red outfit and the internet spontaneously combusted.

Chalamet was at the event promoting his new film Bones and All which is directed by Luca Guadagnino and co-stars Taylor Russell as per Vanity Fair.

The film was dubbed “A blood-drenched Bonnie and Clyde” and a “budding cannibal romance” by the BBC which both horrifies and intrigues me.

See below a wrap-up of all the spiciest takes from each corner of the hell hole known as the internet in response The Outfit™.


Pardon me but since when did Timothée Chalamet ripped AF triceps? My boy has been putting the work (read: werk) in. Bones and All, more like Muscles and All.

He can act, he can speak multiple languages, and now apparently he can pump iron too. Is there no limit to this man’s talent?

Okay I’m not gonna lie, I full-on snorted when I first saw this.

After this year’s Venice Film Festival, perhaps Tim can set to work on the Mr Tumnus spinoff that many fans (me) have been requesting for years.

It’s never lost on me how celebs can post the most boring things and still rake in the likes.

Timothée just posted the country he’s currently in and then BOOM, nearly 200k likes at the time of writing.

Why don’t I get 200k when I tweet “Straya” and a beer emoji?

It’s giving Twilight.


your hairs lookin a lot like mine #timotheechalamet #countessluann #rhony #realhousewives

♬ Funny Laugh no no no – Sound Effect


BAWLING #timothéechalamet #bonesandall #fyp

♬ HOTEL – evie

And that concludes our run-down of the horniest, funniest and spiciest reactions to the Timothée Chalamet backless outfit from Venice 2022.

I’m sure when our generation becomes older, we’ll tell our grandkids about this incredible day.

Bones and All is set to release in Australian cinemas on November 24.