Timothée Chalamet’s Chaotic Happy Birthday Tweet To Zendaya Is So Cute But WTF Does It Mean?

Heart throb Timothée Chalamet made a rare tweet yesterday wishing Zendaya a happy birthday. The post sings Zendaya’s praises, acknowledging her “ethical character” and “moral compass”. CUTE. I think I can safely say how jealous we all are of Zendaya right now.

Zendaya’s 24th birthday marks the first day of Spring (September 1), and what better way to celebrate than a heartfelt message from long-time friend Timothée Chalamet. The pair are super tight and have even been spotted at Bath, Bath & Beyond together. They’re also set to appear as co-stars in the movie Dune later this year.

However, people in the comments can’t help but point out his odd choice of language. I mean, what does “in harmony with a totally fearless creative abandon” even mean?

I’m sorry to the Chalamet stans, but why does this remind me of something out of the Instagram account Beam Me Up SoftBoi???

His Twitter really does have the specific chaotic energy of so many men I have encountered on Hinge. Is that a mirror selfie, and an obscure quote no one will understand? Ahh, yes, please jog on sir…

Anyway, happy birthday Zendaya, and thank you Timothée Chalamet for returning to Twitter.