‘Beam Me Up Softboi’ Is The Instagram For Anyone Who’s Been Fucked Over By A Wanker

The dating world can be rough. Luckily, you’re not alone in the ocean of terrible wankers and wishy-washy selfish douchelords. Instagram account Beam Me Up Softboi is testament to that – and it’s one you need to follow if you’re done with pretentious softbois.

[jwplayer cYRrlbK0]

The account basically posts screenshots of people’s texts, DMs and dating app exchanges with softbois – really a general term for anyone in the dating scene who presents themselves as an emotional creative who is in touch with their feelings, but then turns out to be… erm… so emotionally creative that they are actually just self-centred wankers. I personally think a softboi can also be a woman – plenty of my guy and lesbian mates can attest to this.

The account has been around for a while and has racked up a 475K following, but I felt it really needed publicising further, because goddamn if I haven’t gotten texts like this in my dating lifetime.

Or this:

Or… this.

Or – Christ – this:

We’ve all dated, or simply had a minor interaction with, a softboi. Often patronising, always insufferable, the softboi is an iconic part of dating culture these days – and while they often break your heart before you realise you don’t need to put up with their shit, it’s cathartic to read other examples of their bullshittery.

There’s so much content on Beam Me Up Softboi, I really can’t cover it all. Definitely hit it up yourself here.